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Local Private Detective for Cheating Partner Investigations

It is often the ‘not knowing’ that is the worst aspect of cheating in a relationship.

At Carter-Harris local private detective, our cheating partner investigation and infidelity investigations can remove the doubts and either set your mind at ease, or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem.

You Have The Right To Know

It can be a difficult time should you suspect your partner is not being faithful. Obviously, if your partner is cheating, you definitely have the right to know. If they are not, then you need proof in order to alleviate your uncertainty and concern. It is only by having the facts that you can confront your partner or get on with your life.

A discreet matrimonial & cheating partner surveillance service is offered to prove infidelity. We have in-house specialist Private Investigators on hand that have many years' experience and specialise within the field.

Why Carter-Harris?

Carter-Harris local private investigator DO NOT charge extra fees for such items as (reasonable) millage, general disbursements and travel time. Surveillance reports including audio/video/photo are included without additional charge. Any additional costs for any reason will be agreed in advance.

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Finding a local cheap private detective is hard, however Carter Harris believes in value for your money, we are always prepared to provide a comprehensive quotation basing on your individual needs.

Our team are highly experienced, and will provide a free of charge consultation and no obligation quotation

Be sure to take a moment to read our FAQ's page - click above.

Cost Of Investigation

Finding out the specifics of your case is vital. This is vital in the sense that it offers us a better chance to appreciate whatever situation is at hand. You can discuss your case and needs in complete confidence. We are fully ICO registered and respect your privacy.

Private Investigator Fees

One good thing about us is that we are always open with our services and thus we allow our clients to access details concerning our private investigator fees in order for them to get a clear picture on how much they may be required to pay before hiring us.

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Hire a private detective to watch husband cheating

Private Investigator Fees - How much is it going to cost me?

One of the most asked questions recieved by the team at investigations, is ''how much with a local private detective cost?'', everyone wants to know how much a typical investigation will cost. Of course, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ investigation, much as there is no ’typical’ holiday people take each year.

Every investigation is unique and whilst many of the techniques and process we would undertake are similar, every case is different.

Private Investigator fees can vary dramatically so it is worth shopping around to find a company that you trust, not necessarily the cheapest quote you get. Remember that you are paying for time and experience and often an experienced investigator will charge more per hour but get the job done in less time. As you will see below, surveillance fees are typically from £38-£49 per hour.

Tracing people will typically cost around £150 to £200, and background checks from £200 to £1200.

Speak to a professional Carter Harris case manager, call: 0800 832 1722

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Local private detective can be useful if you need information about your partner that you find it difficult or impossible to obtain by yourself. There are a number of ways both legal and illegal, in which private investigators can go about obtaining proof of infidelity, the existence of hidden bank accounts and other information that may not be out in the open.

Adultery Cases

If you petition for divorce on the grounds of adultery, then unless your partner admits to it, you will need to provide evidence. A direct approach would be for an investigator to knock on the couple’s door and interview them on their sleeping arrangements. Or they could spy on the couple and make a record of when they go to sleep and when they get up. Other evidence like letters, diaries, photographic or recorded audio evidence can also be obtained if desired.

If your partner has moved out but you want stronger grounds for divorce than separation, you could hire an investigator to obtain proof of adultery. A good private investigator will be aware of the Data Protection Act and related laws, and will work within them. If you want to bug your partner’s phone, for example, you may be better protected doing it yourself than asking a P.I., although a P.I. should be able to tell you where to buy a decent bug.

Unreasonable Behaviour

Generally if you file for divorce on the basis of unreasonable behaviour, you will not have to provide proof unless the case is fully defended. If you choose to, you can hire an investigator to prove your partner is being violent. They could even visit your home and let your partner know. You set the parameters and a good private investigator will not stray beyond them.

You might also want to prove your partner is habitually neglecting the family, or that they are verbally abusive. They might drink and drive with the children in the car. Unreasonable behaviour can also cover extra-marital sexual activity or close association that falls short of adultery. Hiring a private investigator to prove these facts can save you the pain of having to question your partner or delve into it yourself.

Every case is unique in circumstances, for professional advice, call Carter Harris now on: 0800 832 1722

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Ask A Private Detective Investigator - Tips On How To Hire A PI

When hiring a detective we suggest talking to the detective in-person and here are some questions to consider:

Is the detective experienced?

Ask the detective how much professional experience they have and how they came to be a private detective. Many detectives, likes those at Carter Harris, are ex- law enforcement or military and bring with them skills from their previous profession.

What field of investigation do they specialise in?

You may need to hire a detective with specialist skills, for example in surveillance, tracing people or fraud.  Others may have more experience of matrimonial enquiries, personal injury and work place absence.  Think about your situation and the types of skills you will require.  Also ask if all work will be completed in house or outsourced, it’s important to know who’ll have access to your confidential information.

Is the detective local?

Many detective investigation agencies appear to offer national coverage.  Check the investigator’s website and look for a physical address and if you can, verify that address by other means, for example does the investigation company appear in other directories listing the same address. 

Does the investigator have proper insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is part and parcel of running a  legitimate business, so ask your investigator about their cover.

Choosing the best investigator for you

Ask if the investigator you are speaking with will be handling your case personally.  This is an  important point because many investigative agencies are what’s known in the trade as ‘facilitators’.  Facilitators are companies or individuals who appear to offer investigative services across the breadth of the country.

Facilitators are able to offer this nationwide service by sub-contracting their cases to local private investigators.  By the time your sensitive information or predicament is sub-contracted or handed over to a third party you’ll no longer be in control of who is handling your affairs.

Have any other questions, or need some further help or advice?

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