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Hire a private detective to watch husband cheating

Private Investigator Fees - How much is it going to cost me?

One of the most asked questions recieved by the team at investigations, is ''how much with a local private detective cost?'', everyone wants to know how much a typical investigation will cost. Of course, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ investigation, much as there is no ’typical’ holiday people take each year.

Every investigation is unique and whilst many of the techniques and process we would undertake are similar, every case is different.

Private Investigator fees can vary dramatically so it is worth shopping around to find a company that you trust, not necessarily the cheapest quote you get. Remember that you are paying for time and experience and often an experienced investigator will charge more per hour but get the job done in less time. As you will see below, surveillance fees are typically from £38-£49 per hour.

Tracing people will typically cost around £150 to £200, and background checks from £200 to £1200.

Speak to a professional Carter Harris case manager, call: 0800 832 1722

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Kate and Williams' Panic Room And Other Royal Security Measures revealed

There are, in the UK, plans and arrangements made all the time for the safety of the Royal Family in the event of a crisis. We don’t often hear about them for obvious reasons, which is why many people wonder whether they exist – but they do. They have to.

A couple of years ago, there was a famous media frenzy over speculation that the Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace was designed to be able to be converted into an airstrip in the event of a national crisis requiring a quick exit from the Palace for Her Majesty and the Royal Family. It is not. Experts said it wouldn’t be practical and is certainly not setup to accommodate aircraft.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William

Peter Laurie, in his book ‘Beneath The City Streets’, claimed that the Broad Walk, in Kensington Gardens, could be used as an airstrip, however. Laurie also speculated that there might be a secret exit from Buckingham Palace to the Victoria Line which runs below. It has also been claimed that a tunnel exists running from the palace down the Mall to the Duke of York steps, where it connects with the network of tunnels and underground bunkers that run below Whitehall to protect the government from rioting mobs.

During World War 2, the King and Queen were said to have resided at Buckingham Palace for the duration, which was partially true, though it later emerged that Their Majesties retired to Windsor Castle in the nights, where the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were staying for the duration of the war.

Other failsafes we know about include recently declassified files detailing how during the Cold War, The Queen was to be put aboard a “floating bunker” in the form of the Royal Yacht Britannia and moved around remote Scottish lochs in the event of a nuclear attack on Britain. She would have been kept separate from the Prime Minister because in the event that the Prime Minister was killed, only The Queen holds the power to appoint a Prime Minister and she would have needed to do so. Under the so-called “python system”, The Queen would hide in sea lochs on the coast of North West Scotland while other senior ministers scattered to a variety of secret locations.

It also comes down to the basic things which ensure the safety of the Monarch and her successors. For example, Prince Charles and Prince William never notably travel in the same car together; and supplies of The Queen’s blood being kept to hand.

And Prince William is certainly no exception to rigid safety systems setup. In Highgrove House, the Gloucestershire residence is a room known to staff as ‘the Iron Room’. Constructed in July 1987, the room was built to give the then Prince and Princess of Wales a safe location to hide in the event of a terrorist attack. Even today, this room continues to be maintained in the event that an attack should occur on the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

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We understand people will be calling various firms to get an idea of private investigator costs. When doing so make sure you agree the exact amount before instructing them.

You may find that surveillance fees range from as low as £15 per hour up to £125 per hour. Standard background check fees will be from £150 to to over £1000. Some companies will undertake trace investigations on a ‘no find, no fee’ basis and some will not. Never be afraid to ask a private investigator questions so you fully understand their fee structures and costs. Most importantly make sure that you are comfortable with the company you choose.

One of the first questions prospective clients ask is ‘how much does it cost to hire a private investigator’? This questions is impossible to answer without firstly talking with the client to understand exactly what their issues are and what their objective is.

When we have a clear understanding of all the facts we are then able to give a clear indication on our fees, based on the service required. We always ensure clients fully understand what they will be paying before we accept their instructions.

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In the wake of new figures showing a rise in infidelity reported in the UK - many are questioning how much they can trust their partners.

Cheating Parter
Cheating Parter

For some, this means enlisting extra support to give them peace of mind, and that’s where Carter-Harris Investigations come into play.

Daniel Shaw, Senior Investigator at Carter-Harris Investigations, told us that investigations are conducted across many fields.

‘We primarily deal with surveillance and tracking, but we also conduct database work and internet investigations. It varies from case to case,’ he said.

Investigations usually begin with a phone call to the client, which sees the investigator ask several detailed questions to establish the best plan of attack.

Shaw says the Carter-Harris agency also handles an array of other investigative work.

‘Private investigation is a small industry. We take on anything from council work to companies trying to catch out employees taking a sickie.’

Shaw added ‘most of our results come from conventional surveillance, which includes the use of forensic tools, hidden cameras and night-vision equipment.’

‘We have also received multiple requests for honey-trapping jobs, where a decoy is sent into a partners favourite watering hole or gym to flirt with them and see what happens next, to catch out infidelity before it has even happened.’

Infidelity rates in the UK were recently released and the results will shock you. Almost half (45 per cent) of British men admit to straying from their significant other at least once. And a considerable 21 per cent of UK women said the same. (source:

Our victim ‘Gill’ explained to us what it was like when she discovered her husband had been having an affair behind her back.

‘I did not want to believe it. It''s just a fog of total disbelief. I put some guilt on myself. It's so painful. I just wanted to believe nothing was happening, until I just had to.’

It's the life-shattering moment that takes its victims by surprise: Finding out your spouse has betrayed you.

That's exactly what happened to ‘Gill’, who asked that we conceal her identity. Eight years into her marriage, she began to notice changes.

‘He was so clearly distant. Very little conversation. Lots of places to go during the day’, Gill told us.

Her relationship was dissolving. He found someone else. But how did she know? In fact, how does anyone know if their significant other, is no longer significant?

Private Investigator, Shaw told us ‘If your gut is telling you something is not right, 99 percent of the time it's right.’

Shaw has been a Private Investigator for 17 years. When the possibility of infidelity is on the table, he says there are many red flags to watch out for.

‘The physical changes are one of the most obvious. Caring all the time about how they dress,’ Shaw said ‘The spouse is coming home late. They are taking their phone with them, everywhere. The code is locked or different. Face down. On silent.’

Shaw says that smartphone could be the key that tells all. Are they overly protective by sleeping with it under the pillow? Can you see what's on their phone? Are there dating apps, or messaging apps like Snapchat that delete messages once they're read? That could suggest intent to find something outside of the marriage.

Another warning sign?

‘They haven't been having sexual relations in years and suddenly there's a bottle of Viagra,’ Shaw told us.

He suggests hiring a professional because they have the tools to legally collect evidence.

Shaw said, ‘Carter-Harris Investigations is ICO registered for Private Investigation services in respect of the way the agency gather and handle data.’

‘There are a number of tools available to us including, for example; professional online forensic analysis and detailed background profiling’

Now if you want to go about this on your own, you have options.

‘You can go to the on-line spy stores or big e-tailers and there's hundreds of things you can get’ Shaw said.

But it doesn't mean they're legal, so you want to make sure the evidence collected wasn't obtained illegally, so its admissible in court.

‘There's a lot of different ways that people can get caught, and they do get caught. And that's where we step in,’ Shaw told us.

As for Gill, she's moved on since her divorce.

‘It can be a great thing to get rid of someone so toxic in your life that you're living with’, Gill said.

Something to keep in mind, there are many products on the market that allow you track or record a suspected loved one's actions. It's not illegal to buy them, but it could be illegal based on the way you use them. Before going about this alone, experts say it's best to consult with a professional Private Investigator or Solicitor.

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