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Private Detective Overview

Increasing on-line crime has resulted in more and more people contacting with a Local Private Detective. To gather evidence. All Private Investigators are bound by strict Data Protection and operating boundaries. Here are some investigations that a local private investigator is allowed to conduct.

Cheating Partner Investigations

A discreet matrimonial & cheating local private detective partner surveillance service is offered to prove infidelity. We have in-house specialist Private Investigators on hand that have many years' experience and specialise within the field.

Finding A Missing Person

Private investigators are permitted to search for people missing intentionally or unintentionally. So, long as a person’s family reports their loved one as missing because they have not communicated for long and they do not know where the person lives, a private detective can be hired to locate the person. On the other hand, a person can be reported as missing by a business partner or person they owed money. People relocate, change contact details and names to avoid paying huge debts. Other missing person investigations include but are not limited to; former tenants who did not clear rent arrears, a contractor who did poor work or disappeared without completing their work, a former spouse who refused to pay child support, an old friend or a lost family member.

Child support investigations

Before facing the tough reality of a split, parents are allowed to hire a private investigator to gather evidence that the other parent is not fit to raise a child on their own. The local private detective may also prove that the child may be unsafe or unhappy if custody is offered to the other parent. Judges consider the child’s best interest when ruling on custody cases.

Finding missing assets and property

It is common for people to hide some assets from their spouses or business partners, especially when undergoing divorce or business liquidation. In such scenarios, private investigators conduct asset and property searches to locate and sometimes value the hidden or undisclosed assets. Missing property or asset searches also prove relevant when filing for child support from a wealthy partner, when considering a business partnership with an unknown individual, and when vetting creditors.

Conducting background checks

A UK private investigator is hired by potential employers, future spouses, new business partners, divorcing partners and civil case participants to conduct background checks on individuals. Background checks put to light a person’s character, integrity level, financial status, credibility, criminal history and trustworthiness.


Though people have embraced the role played by private investigators, there are limits that the investigators cannot surpass. Their operation is governed by the law, and they are not allowed to trespass, make arrests or make a person feel insecure because they are being followed. We are bound fully by our ICO licence, all investigations are conducted within these guidlines and in a covert mannor.

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Hiring the best cheap local Private Detective can be a daunting task, Carter Harris Investigations aims to make the whole process easy and straightforward, from your first call.

You can call on freephone 0800 832 1722, to speak in confidence with one of our specialist Senior Detectives.

When you contact us, we'll listen very carefully to the circumstances and information that you share in confidence with us. The more detail provided to us enables us to make the best recommendations to you, every case is slightly different in nature. It's important that we give you the correct advice.

We deal with every kind of personal and business investigation. We use the latest equipment and techniques to provide a prompt and cost-effective investigation.

Speak in confidence now with a member of our team. We have offices throughout the UK, and operate 24/7

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Finding a local cheap private detective is hard, however Carter Harris believes in value for your money, we are always prepared to provide a comprehensive quotation basing on your individual needs.

Our team are highly experienced, and will provide a free of charge consultation and no obligation quotation

Cost Of Investigation

Finding out the specifics of your case is vital. This is vital in the sense that it offers us a better chance to appreciate whatever situation is at hand. You can discuss your case and needs in complete confidence. We are fully ICO registered and respect your privacy.

Private Investigator Fees

One good thing about us is that we are always open with our services and thus we allow our clients to access details concerning our private investigator fees in order for them to get a clear picture on how much they may be required to pay before hiring us.

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"I've caught cheats, love rats, whatever you wish to call them. It's my speciality."

Discovering that your husband, wife or partner has been unfaithful is undoubtedly one of the worst things imaginable in any relationship.

What's worse than not knowing for sure that something is going on is suspecting it without being unable to definitively prove it.

In such instance many individuals have started to turn to private investigators in a bid to uncover the truth.

One such private investigator Daniel Shaw of A man who boasts: "I've caught cheats, love rats, whatever you wish to call them. It's my speciality."

One of their recent clients, or 'victims' as they are referred to, was Gill - a woman who suspected that her husband had been cheating on her and sought Carter Harris' services inn order to prove it.

"It didn't take us long to catch him out," Daniel said. "When we did it was a simple case of presenting the evidence to her."

"She explained to us what it was like when she discovered her husband had been having an affair behind her back."

Gill's experience mirrors that of so many other people who have been betrayed.

"Finding out your spouse has betrayed you is and will be one of the darkest moments of your life," Daniel says.

Speaking of her feeling throughout this difficult period, Gill recounted: "I didn't want to believe it. It's just a fog of total disbelief. I put some guilt on myself. It's so painful. I just wanted to believe nothing was happened, until I just had to."

"It was life shattering for me, absolutely life shattering. I felt worthless and betrayed."

It was eight years into their marriage that Gill began to notice changes.

"He was so clearly distant, all of a sudden he just wasn't there. He became vacant."

"There was very little conversation and he found many excuses to be away from me. He basically found lots of places to go during the day."

For free professional advice call 0800 832 1722 24/7 or email

Thankfully for Gill, she has moved on since her divorce and she is free now to pursue her life without living under a pretence.

"It can be a great thing to get rid of someone so toxic in your life that you're living with," she said.

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