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Ask A Private Detective Investigator - Tips On How To Hire A PI

When hiring a detective we suggest talking to the detective in-person and here are some questions to consider:

Is the detective experienced?

Ask the detective how much professional experience they have and how they came to be a private detective. Many detectives, likes those at Carter Harris, are ex- law enforcement or military and bring with them skills from their previous profession.

What field of investigation do they specialise in?

You may need to hire a detective with specialist skills, for example in surveillance, tracing people or fraud.  Others may have more experience of matrimonial enquiries, personal injury and work place absence.  Think about your situation and the types of skills you will require.  Also ask if all work will be completed in house or outsourced, it’s important to know who’ll have access to your confidential information.

Is the detective local?

Many detective investigation agencies appear to offer national coverage.  Check the investigator’s website and look for a physical address and if you can, verify that address by other means, for example does the investigation company appear in other directories listing the same address. 

Does the investigator have proper insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is part and parcel of running a  legitimate business, so ask your investigator about their cover.

Choosing the best investigator for you

Ask if the investigator you are speaking with will be handling your case personally.  This is an  important point because many investigative agencies are what’s known in the trade as ‘facilitators’.  Facilitators are companies or individuals who appear to offer investigative services across the breadth of the country.

Facilitators are able to offer this nationwide service by sub-contracting their cases to local private investigators.  By the time your sensitive information or predicament is sub-contracted or handed over to a third party you’ll no longer be in control of who is handling your affairs.

Have any other questions, or need some further help or advice?

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"I've caught cheats, love rats, whatever you wish to call them. It's my speciality."

Discovering that your husband, wife or partner has been unfaithful is undoubtedly one of the worst things imaginable in any relationship.

What's worse than not knowing for sure that something is going on is suspecting it without being unable to definitively prove it.

In such instance many individuals have started to turn to private investigators in a bid to uncover the truth.

One such private investigator Daniel Shaw of www.carter-harris.co.uk. A man who boasts: "I've caught cheats, love rats, whatever you wish to call them. It's my speciality."

One of their recent clients, or 'victims' as they are referred to, was Gill - a woman who suspected that her husband had been cheating on her and sought Carter Harris' services inn order to prove it.

"It didn't take us long to catch him out," Daniel said. "When we did it was a simple case of presenting the evidence to her."

"She explained to us what it was like when she discovered her husband had been having an affair behind her back."

Gill's experience mirrors that of so many other people who have been betrayed.

"Finding out your spouse has betrayed you is and will be one of the darkest moments of your life," Daniel says.

Speaking of her feeling throughout this difficult period, Gill recounted: "I didn't want to believe it. It's just a fog of total disbelief. I put some guilt on myself. It's so painful. I just wanted to believe nothing was happened, until I just had to."

"It was life shattering for me, absolutely life shattering. I felt worthless and betrayed."

It was eight years into their marriage that Gill began to notice changes.

"He was so clearly distant, all of a sudden he just wasn't there. He became vacant."

"There was very little conversation and he found many excuses to be away from me. He basically found lots of places to go during the day."

For free professional advice call 0800 832 1722 24/7 or email 247@carter-harris.co.uk

Thankfully for Gill, she has moved on since her divorce and she is free now to pursue her life without living under a pretence.

"It can be a great thing to get rid of someone so toxic in your life that you're living with," she said.

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Spanish police officers have seized bundles of documents during searches of properties and businesses - sources say some of the suspects are British

The operation, which swung into action this morning, was focussed on the municipality of Calvia, which includes Magaluf, as well as the Majorcan capital Palma.

Most of the searches are understood to have taken place in the glamorous marina of Puerto Portals, the exclusive nearby residential area of Bendinat, and San Agustin.

An investigating judge coordinating the operation has placed a secrecy order on the case, which prevents officials from making any public comment.

Spanish police use UK private detective
Spanish police use UK private detective

It emerged at the end of June that a court in Palma was probing hundreds of food poisoning claims lodged by British holidaymakers after being handed the result of a police probe sparked by a complaint by the Mac Hotels group.

Lawyers acting for the hotel group prompted a lengthy police investigation after giving them a dossier of evidence allegedly pointing to the food claims being fake, which was put together by a team of private detectives.

The file handed to the court centres on claims received last year from tourists who had stayed at he three-star Club Mac resort in Puerto Alcudia.

The alleged fraud has been calculated at a whopping £4 million - with the hotel group challenging 273 claims involving 797 holidaymakers.

Earlier this summer, it emerged a bodybuilder’s compensation claim for food poisoning had unravelled after private detectives located Facebook pictures showing him enjoying meals on his break to Turkey.

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Kate and Williams' Panic Room And Other Royal Security Measures revealed

There are, in the UK, plans and arrangements made all the time for the safety of the Royal Family in the event of a crisis. We don’t often hear about them for obvious reasons, which is why many people wonder whether they exist – but they do. They have to.

A couple of years ago, there was a famous media frenzy over speculation that the Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace was designed to be able to be converted into an airstrip in the event of a national crisis requiring a quick exit from the Palace for Her Majesty and the Royal Family. It is not. Experts said it wouldn’t be practical and is certainly not setup to accommodate aircraft.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William

Peter Laurie, in his book ‘Beneath The City Streets’, claimed that the Broad Walk, in Kensington Gardens, could be used as an airstrip, however. Laurie also speculated that there might be a secret exit from Buckingham Palace to the Victoria Line which runs below. It has also been claimed that a tunnel exists running from the palace down the Mall to the Duke of York steps, where it connects with the network of tunnels and underground bunkers that run below Whitehall to protect the government from rioting mobs.

During World War 2, the King and Queen were said to have resided at Buckingham Palace for the duration, which was partially true, though it later emerged that Their Majesties retired to Windsor Castle in the nights, where the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were staying for the duration of the war.

Other failsafes we know about include recently declassified files detailing how during the Cold War, The Queen was to be put aboard a “floating bunker” in the form of the Royal Yacht Britannia and moved around remote Scottish lochs in the event of a nuclear attack on Britain. She would have been kept separate from the Prime Minister because in the event that the Prime Minister was killed, only The Queen holds the power to appoint a Prime Minister and she would have needed to do so. Under the so-called “python system”, The Queen would hide in sea lochs on the coast of North West Scotland while other senior ministers scattered to a variety of secret locations.

It also comes down to the basic things which ensure the safety of the Monarch and her successors. For example, Prince Charles and Prince William never notably travel in the same car together; and supplies of The Queen’s blood being kept to hand.

And Prince William is certainly no exception to rigid safety systems setup. In Highgrove House, the Gloucestershire residence is a room known to staff as ‘the Iron Room’. Constructed in July 1987, the room was built to give the then Prince and Princess of Wales a safe location to hide in the event of a terrorist attack. Even today, this room continues to be maintained in the event that an attack should occur on the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

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